Review: Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

When I first heard about the “Tomb Raider” movie it was surrounded by claims that ‘this was no ordinary game to movie convert’. I was genuinely sucked in by the hype and led to beleive that unlike previous attempts to transfer a game into the motion picture medium this was going to be very good. Perhaps it was the continual references to “Indiana Jones”, but none the less I was looking forward to it. How far could I of been from the truth.

From the very first scene in the film I knew I had walked into a ‘dud’. My

first impression was “what the hell?, where did that come from?”. Right from the beginning they destroyed the original game, its storyline and its reasons for popularity. This film suffered from a laundery list of problems some of which I will touch on now.

The cinematography made the film appear to be the grainy quality of an old television show. There was a distinct lack of vision in the art form and no breathtaking photography. You would think a film set in the open would have some wonderful sets and landscapes, well some of them are but the camera never gives you the opportunity to appreciate it. The action sequences too left alot to be desired with very little class at all. Perhaps the choreography of it all was what caused the confusion but in the end it was all pretty average.

As for the plot? don’t get me started. In the “Indiana Jones” stories the bad guys were the Nazi’s in this film, the baddies are similar but not used at all in the film. Instead it is Lara up against two guys, boring and unbeleivable. The script is paid lip service really as they attempt to string together a sexy action film, but that did not work either.

Then we come to the special effects, this is a movie for gamers right? Unfortunately for “Hollywood” the gamers out there know good animation when they see it and this resembled the awful attempts of “The Mummy Returns”. Take a leaf from ILM’s book people and learn what good computer generated images look like. When “Lord of the Rings” comes out at the end of the year I am sure we will all once and for all see what the current capabilties of technology is, and of course “Tomb Raider” is not it.

Oh and I can’t forget to mention Laras geeky sidekick. A computer geek who has no life and is definately not in the film for his looks! A feeble attempt to appeal to the male gaming community? Whatever it was or not, he can’t act and Seth Green would of been my choice for the role.

Finally the only good point of the movie at all was Lara herself. There must of been two script writers, one for Laras dialouge and one for the rest of the flick. Lara was intelligent, sexy, deep and wholly enjoyable. She was not like the rest of the film. Angelinas performance was top notch in a B-Grade film.

Overall this film was a total waste of two hours of my life which I want back. The only enjoyment I got out of this film was from the acting abilities of Angelina, but that was not enough to get me through it all. This may not be the worse movie of the year and definately not the worse movie ever but it is definately one that should be left for video.


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