Review: Swordfish

This is in a single sentence a very good action film. It has all the elements one requires in a modern film including a plot that is at the least interesting, however where it falls down is pretty much as soon as Hugh Jackman starts playing with his computer!

The opening sequence of the film which I will NOT give away is one of the better openings to a film I have seen in recent times. John Travolta has a way of sucking you, and the dialouge is just as good to boot! The action is unique and filmed in a way that also keeps you glued to your seet and to the screen.

The characters all have more than enough depth than is required for your basic action film and finally for once there is an acurrate depiction of the famed “geek”. In one sequence in the film the true nature of what a “geek” actually is comes out and sets a few people straight on their rather liberal interpretations of the word and which people in society deserve the label. Travolta and Jackman work well together and look like a good pair to place in many different styles of production. However there are occasions when Jackmans emotional scenes turn a little cliche, this is more a script fault than anything else however.

The script whilst being different is still the same, if you know what I mean. It is still the same style of action movie we are all used to and with the same style of emotional depth and leverage most heros have in these films but the concept is something new. Without giving anything away the motivation of the “bad guys” of this film is completely original and can well be a very good point of discussion.

However finally we get to what I really did not like about this film, the technology. A film primarily about cracking cyphers will inheriantly be mind numbing to the average person and one would expect a bit of dumbing down. However this is just a little too much for me. Being well taught in cyphers myself I must tell you all that the film is 100% bogus. Sure the terminology is mildly accurate but in reality the time it takes to break a code is enormous. When you see the film remember that a current world wide effort to break a similar cypher has been running for six years so far, the movies time-line is quite significantly shorter. If you want accurate hacking then hire the movie “Sneakers”, tis actually pretty scarey because machines like the one in “Sneakers” actually do exist.

So if you can get passed the innacurate hacking or you don’t really care what that is like at all then I can predict you may enjoy this film. Some of you will not like it, just like all action films someone doesn’t like it for some reason. However on the whole it is a safe bet for pure entertainment with even the prospect of some intelligent conversations as a result.


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