A Winter of Hollywood Blockbusters

Last year the offerings at the Box Office were generally woeful, not to mention thin. Perhaps the GFC delayed some films because this year is shaping as massive for the film loving public.

Recently I’ve hit the cinemas hard seeing Lincoln LawyerSource CodeThor, and Pirate of the Caribbean in quick succession and I would happily recommend most of those to any filmgoer. Those films make up less than half of what’s out right now, and I’ll probably miss Paul, Scream 4, Snowtown, and Insidious despite wanting to see them.

My time will be spent seeing The Hangover II, X-Men: First Class, Transforners: Dark of the Moon, Super 8, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow Part II. It’s a smorgasbord of cinema ranging from blockbuster to classic B-grade.

I can’t recall being spoiled for this much choice in a very long time, especially choice that is littered with such quality.

I was pleasantly surprised with Thor, who would have thought that space Vikings could be fun?

Source Code was nothing like what I expected, but from the Director of Moon I should have known it would be a genuine Science Fiction treat, a cut above the tradition Hollywood flick.

Even Lincoln Lawyer managed to offer something new and interesting in the saturated court-room drama story.

Reports from the not yet released X-Men are positive, a return to what made the original movie popular.

Harry Potter doesn’t really have to try given the strength of it’s source material, and the new Transformers looks to have genuinely learnt from the mistakes of the second film.

However, the one film I am dying to see is Super 8.

JJ Abrams has impressed me in his limited cinema releases. His Mission Impossible III might not have set the box office alight, but he managed to breathe life back into the franchise after a horrific second film. He’s also responsible for the new Star Trek which was undoubtedly the best Trek film ever made.

His collaboration with Spielberg is obvious, the latest poster (here) even looks like the classic Close Encounters and the similarities to E.T. are astounding. But that’s not what attracts me to it.

In this Winter of Hollywood Blockbusters, you will or have been served at least six major sequels, several films based on existing source material, and a string of recycled storylines. You’ll know exactly what you’re going to see when you walk into the cinema.

On June 9, when I go to see Super 8 I will really have no idea what it’s about. A quick look at the trailer will give you an idea, but it’s not very revealing. The last time I had this excitement for a film was for Inception.

We’re spoiled this winter.

If only cinema prices were a little more inviting.



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