Preview: Super 8

You should make a habit of paying attention when you hear the name JJ Abrams, he’s not just the co-creator of lost, he’s also a terrific filmmaker. I’d be bold and call him a modern day Spielberg, but let’s wait a decade or two and then decide.

JJ Abrams lastest offering is Super 8 out next week on June 9, it’s produced by Spielberg and looks like a homage to his films such as The GooniesE.T., and Close Encounters.

Kyle Chandler, Joel Courtney, Elle Fanning, & Ron Eldard

You’ll find the trailer at the film’s official website (here) and it’s worth checking out. Abrams movie trailers are considered amongst trailer enthusiast (yes they exist) to be some of the best, mainly because they seem to stir something inside of us that makes us want to see the film.

Abrams has a very particular style of story-telling and he’s an adept of finding the emotional centre points to drive his love of big explosions and action sequences. To best describe his approach to film making you be best to watch this presentation to TED (here).

It’s a great little presentation and it touches on why some movies work so well and some don’t, and it might give you an insight into why an Abrams film is something to look out for.

Abrams has also taken a punt on the cast with the unknown Joel Courtney taking the lead role, and the likes of Elle Fanning (sister of Dakota). It’s not common for big budget Hollywood movies to take such risks and they can go horribly wrong. We know Abrams invests a great deal of his screen time into the characters, so these kids have a lot resting on their shoulders.

If the early hype is to believed then Super 8 is the movie of 2011 … I won’t miss it, and neither should you.


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