A New All Time Opening Weekend Record!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II was always going to be box office gold, and I entertained the idea it might not just break the magical $1 billion mark, but could make it to the top three film of all time.

After reviewing the film last week I felt it wasn’t strong enough to catch the fringe audience or too many repeat viewings from the diehard fans, and while that still might be true Potter has absolutely smashed a few records.

In the American market …

First it scored well over $32 million in advanced ticket sales.

Second it then smashed the midnight screening record making $43.5 million.

Thirdly it’s destroyed the opening day record hauling in $92.1 million.

Finally it’s surpassed the all time opening weekend record racking up $168 million.

As for the rest of the world … Well the film managed $307 million. It’s not easy to determine if that’s a record, but to put it in perspective Avatar managed only $165 million.

Now a lot of people will point out that the being in 3D this film is making more money by default, but a quick look at the ticket sales and screens showing the film tell the story. It’s clearly the most popular film ever, at least in its opening weekend.

Does it have the legs to reach the heights of Titanic or Avatar? We’ll see …

(source: http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=harrypotter72.htm)


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