Review: The Avengers

Every now and then a big budget special effect extravaganza gets the formula right and delivers genuine fun action filled entertainment. The Avengers is one of these movies. It’s the perfect blend of a clever script, great dialogue, and classy actors with great delivery and timing. It’s not Shakespeare and it’s plot doesn’t stand up to any kind of scrutiny, but you won’t care about that by the time the credits start rolling.

Marvel have been building to this movie for some time, laying the groundwork in the films Ironman, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, and Captain America. It’s not just the characters that come across into The Avengers but some elements of the plot too. The strange glowing cube from Captain America called the “Tesseract” is the target of Thor’s bad guy Loki who seeks to use it to open a portal to Earth allowing aliens to invade and enslave us all. Loki also wants revenge for the events in Thor by attacking the planet his Brother loves so dear. It’s nothing special, in fact it’s the exact same plot (save for minor differences) with the absolutely terrible Green Lantern of 2011.It just goes to show that plot is not really what these kinds of blockbusters are all about.

Director Joss Whedon manages to bring all these superheros and weave them all into a very clever character-centric popcorn action flick. It’s really quite refreshing and surprising to have the major players in a special effects extravaganza base their digital beatings on meaningful character development. The movie doesn’t get carried away with itself and manages to build clever scenes together based on the strengths and weaknesses of each comic book hero. It really is a bit of a comic book nerds dream, but it’s done in such a way that anyway can really enjoy it.

The script however, and the sheer number of players, makes it very difficult for anyone to really shine and frankly no one is bringing their A-game here. There is enough passion in the delivery to be proud of the performances, but sadly you won’t remember any of them after the credits roll. Speaking of which, stay until the end of the credits for a sneak peek at the bad guy for the sequel. Yup! That’s right, Marvel clearly have a second movie in mind even before screening the first.

That should indicate to you this movie is really about getting you to part with your hard earned cash, rather than any artisitic merit. At least this time, unlike many Hollywood blockbusters, it’s really worth it.


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