Review: The Hangover Part III

Rarely do I dish out the single star for a film, usually I can find something someone might enjoy and so generously I add that second star. The Hangover Part III however is so badly written, so poorly acted, that I really struggle to find anything worth crowing about.

Alan (Zach Galifianakis) is off his medication and the wolf pack have staged an intervention. On their way to a rehabilitation facility Doug (Justin Bartha) is kidnapped by Marshall (John Goodman) who demands Phil (Bradley Copper), Stu (Ed Helms), and Allan track down Chow (Ken Jeong) and bring him to him.

It’s a plot that has potential, and it does exploit some interesting setups, unfortunately the script is unable to capitalize on any of it with most scenes failing to illicit much more than a giggle. What’s worse is most of those scenes are already in the trailer.

The Hangover was a surprise hit, it was well written, intelligent, and genuinely funny! The sequel might have been a carbon copy of the first and just a tad too crass, but it still had its moments and it was still funny. This third installment might have dispensed with the formula, but it replaced it with a generic action/comedy devoid of anything remotely interesting. It’s a movie where the poorly developed comic support characters of Alan and Chow become the main focus, and they simply cannot carry a narrative or remain funny in such large doses.

The writers have displayed incredibly poor judgement casting Alan and Chow as the central characters, it would actually have been funnier to simply talk about their exploits instead of showing it. Case in point, the opening scene of the film involving a Giraffe is done with such bad taste, but if you had walked in after that scene and heard only the reactions you would probably have found it hilarious.

Strangely also, the biggest laughs in the movie come after the credits have started rolling proving the original concept of the first film is still hilarious.

The original  Hangover was built on a great setup, intelligent writing, and hilarious secondary characters from the comedy minds of Galifianakis, and Jeong. However, Part III fails to understand why those characters worked dumping everything else in favor of over exploiting their value.


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