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Review: Bowling for Columbine

The truth sometimes hurts … Michael Moore’s documentary ‘Bowling For Columbine’ is a moving look at the culture of the United States, and what it is exactly that makes them unique in the global community when it comes to guns and murder!

As a non-American who has never been exposed to such a culture I find a great deal of the film hard to swallow, not from disbelief but simply from pure shock. I have never met, nor could I have imagined meeting some of the people in the film. I stayed in a state of shock for the majority of the picture and thankful that I live in the great country that I do. This film will not fail to spark discussion, and it will certainly not fail to move any viewer with a conscience!

More importantly however, especially in the modern global climate, Michael Moore puts forward the strongest argument against big business, corporations, media, the American government and anyone else who would follow in the steps of any of these bodies. He achieves this with a masterful blend of fact and though provoking rhetorical questions. He succeeds because he does not ram his opinion down your throat; rather he simply presents his case for your consideration.

I would go as far as to say that the film should be compulsory viewing in all places of learning. If you don’t have an opinion on the current state of the world, or you think you know all the facts – this is the film that will put you back in your place.

On top of the amazing message buried in this film is a well-made film all the same. The film is a mix of vox-pop and file footage blended together with an often sarcastic or mocking soundtrack that generates a great deal of black humour. It still however manages to retain a serious dignity especially considering some of the subject matter and the images that are on screen.

There is one particular sequence similar to one out of ‘Good Morning Vietnam’, set to the song `What a Wonderful World’ that closes with the second plane flying into the world trade centre. It is an incredible montage of tear jerking imagery and facts that will not fail to reduce almost anyone to at least releasing a tear or two.

Your world will never be the same again… a must see!


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