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Review: School of Rock

It is rare you find a film that features one central character as the centre of almost every single scene, and shot for that matter that can hold your attention for any length of time…

Jack Black manages to stun the audience with a non-stop parade of over the top, almost ridiculous antics that (believe me or not) are actually very enjoyable and extremely funny! He boarders on falling flat on his face so many times in the movie, but he manages to keep it going with a sense of confidence that forces a laugh when it would otherwise have scored a chorus of moans. This film is probably a fine example of what energy and confidence can do for a performance.

It ain’t all about Black however, the support cast of extremely taltented and young musicians are amazing, this film will certainly do wonders if any of them wish to explore a career in the music industry. The draw back is they aren’t great actors, but they grace the screen with an honesty and some brutal raw talent that means you can’t ignore them.

The plot is pretty basic and it really ain’t worth talking about… Needless to say it is totally unbelievable and would in reality be very dangerous territory for anyone to explore. But that ain’t the point, because the plot don’t really matter! If anything this film succeeds in suspending your disbelief and allows you to be caught in the moment. A Jack Black moment yes, but a moment none the less.

For Black fans this is his best film ever, for comedy fans this is definately worth the price and for the rest… Well if you hate black, you still might like this film.


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